darg : construction

3:33 min/ 16mm/ 2013

[dahrg] –noun

  1. Scot. and North England. A day’s work.
  2. Australian. a fixed or definite amount of work; a work quota.

Origin: 1375–1425;  late ME dawerk, daiwerk,  OE dægweorc,   equiv. to dæg day  + weorc work

darg : construction is part of a series in which each film amounts to the cumulative effort of one day; the document of one day’s hard work, both in form and content.  Darg is an old English word that has mostly fallen out of use.  It denotes “a specific quantity of work; usually, the product of a day’s work”.  The word itself reflects the brevity and intensity of the production process, in which the film was produced entirely within one day – the film a darg unto itself. This aspect of the project calls into question and challenges the idea and general practice of film production, which is most commonly a process that is very long and drawn out, taking months or more often years to complete. In this instance, the film was conceptualized, planned, shot on 16mm, hand-processed, printed, edited and sound designed in one day.

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