If These Walls (site specific monumental projection-mapping installation)

10 min/16mm to HD

Lindsay McIntyre’s ‘If These Walls’ was shot at the site of the former Birtle Indian Residential School in Birtle (Birdtail), Manitoba. The building is one of the last remaining residential school buildings from this long, dark era of recent Canadian history. ‘If These Walls’ examines this site, and how the presence of these remaining buildings loom in the minds of all Canadians, but especially those who experienced, and continue to feel the effects of, the longstanding harm that these systems created. Most of the footage in ‘If These Walls’ was shot on hand-processed, 16mm film with permission on treaty two territory in Birtle, Manitoba. All text included in the work was extracted, photographed off the page, and reassembled from the many volumes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Final Report.

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