Worth More Standing (expanded cinema performance) (documentation from August 2022)

36 -45 mins / 16mm x 6 projectors expanded cinema performance / 2022 – present

A looping 16mm performance exploring the framework of tree/human relationships on unceded Pacheedaht territory at Fairy Creek. A site of civil disobedience rivalling the biggest and longest in Canadian history, it is also a place of recognition, passion and dedication for the more-than-human beings with whom we share the planet. From the seeming silence of these great giants to the invented importance of our daily lives, this performance explores the lines of the forest, the front lines and the lines we cross in complicity. Hi-contrast images are hand-processed, optically printed, contact printed and altered, creating a portrait of this landscape and it’s employ at the hands of humans. Stitching together original imagery of the old growth forest and land defenders, horizontal and vertical planes/plains shift across the width of the widescreen composition, blurring boundaries between space and sight. Features a live sonic collaboration by Peter Bussigel.

Made in a collaborative darkroom space, Worth More Standing is a live cinema performance that embraces and embodies the ethics and the foundation of artist-run film labs and collectives. By taking media and machines into our own hands and making them accessible, we mean to challenge the ways that media is produced and consumed, questioning who is being heard and what voices are being privileged.


Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Spotlight on Canadian Film Labs (commission, by invitation) –  May 2022

DIM Cinema, Vancouver Cinematheque 50th Anniversary (by invitation) – August 2022

FMSAC Conference, Congress, Archive/Counter Archive (by invitation) – May 2023

Winnipeg Film Group’s 50th Anniversary, Winnipeg  (by invitation) – October 2024

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